4 Steps becoming the star that you are

While participating in a Mastermind group I got the assignment to write on article on the title above. I was surprised by this title knowing this is a true dream I have wishing everyone to being their true beautiful bright Star of their life and have their heaven on Earth and inviting me to come out of my own shadow. If you look around you how many times do you see ‘STAR’ mentioned in advertising, books, magazines, flags, movies, songs … yet we are afraid to shine our own light. Not because we do not know how, just because we are afraid that if we do we change our surroundings forever and completely. Do we want this responsibility? Do we want to create a better world? Do we want to heal the world and experience heaven on earth? We are all stardust and are so connected to the stars shining brightly in the dark sky. We wish upon a star. We are looking for stars falling out of the sky so we can make a wish. We grow up with the lullaby ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little star’, Leonardo Da Vinci recognized the star connection of the human body with the bright stars in the sky.

and still we hide in our shadow. I know it takes a lot of courage to shine your light brightly and be the STAR of your own life and if you decide to do so here are some tools which can
help you to light up this light bit by bit:

1. Being imperfect is your greatest gift
Accept, acknowledge, surrender, embrace the true Star you are right here, right now. Perfection does not exist on this planet. If you look around in nature you will see such a variety in shapes and heights and colors of the different trees, plants … If you go to a Natural Food Store you really see the difference of shapes and colors of all the fruit and vegetables. So do
we, we are so different and special from each other which makes us so unique. The human world wants to make us all uniform which makes it easier for them to set rules and regulations for all of us and when we try to fit into the box we separate ourselves from our uniqueness. Do not try to be perfect or to make something perfect before you show it to
the world. Our imperfection is our greatest gift to share. Embrace whoever you are with so much love and compassion for yourself and embrace whatever story keeps you frozen and hidden in the shadow and do rewrite your story. Anything can change in a blink of an eye! Rewrite your story to a totally new script of your life were anything is possible, magic happens and happiness and love conquers everything.

There is only way of life and that’s your own’ (song by the Levellers)

2. Coming out of the shadow into the light
We all have our stories of abuse, failure, not good enough, not perfect, not loved, not belonging, not understood and we hide in our little bubble and even think that if we close our eyes nobody will notice us. You make yourself so small and invisible yet you star never stops shining and that makes you visible yet people surrounding you do not understand. I wanted so much to come home, where ever this might be, and be truly myself with people knowing and understanding me. If I reached out for help I was sent back to trust and have the faith in my inner knowing while most of the time I did not know what is was yet it always turned out well at the end. When I asked for advice people saw me as in the story of ‘Rapunzel’, being locked up in a tower away from everyone, and when I really surrendered I found my strength and my power in my loneness. I was not alone, I had a whole Spirit Crew guiding me and I could only get in touch with them when I
was in my stillness. This was not an easy journey but it gave me so much strength and courage and power to continue following my dreams. Even in the darkest hour, I can feel so much compassion, joy, happiness and love because I learned how to receive, while giving so much with true compassion I learned to receive the higher vibrations of joy, happiness, and love.

3. Become the Star and Observer of your own life
Our stories are kept locked by our emotions. Embrace these emotions and recognize them and have so much love and compassion for yourself to transform them and rewrite your life story with you being the Star of your life. This will navigate you out of it. I know it takes so much courage and strength to navigate through them and yet you can tap into this power by surrendering to your fears. Fear is just a door of your limitation. Do you want to open the door?

You always have the key available, it is your choice to use it and become THE STAR OF YOUR OWN LIFE! Bravo! By becoming the Star of Your Life you become the observer and director of
your own life story and start to dream even bigger than ever imagined. This is your strength! You are capable of having so much compassion for yourself and your human body to keep yourself safe and healthy and to know exactly what to say or do in any given circumstances. You trust yourself, you trust the process and have faith in the outcome whatever it will be.

4. Be the way-shower
By being the Star and Director of your own life story you show the way to others and invite them to do the same so they choose. As with any new creation old emotions may show up again like failure, anger, frustration …. these are just stepping stones to even a more magical life story where you go beyond your dreams and manifest the most amazing story ever imagined.

What if you show the world your beautiful smile? How many visitors a year pay an entrance ticket at the Louvre just to watch the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa?

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