Be who You needed when you were younger

This morning I woke up with a feeling of loneliness and being abandoned. I saw this little child sitting at a bus stop and being promised someone would come and pick her up and no one came. No bus, no car, no person, no one. This feeling of loneliness and waiting was so intense it brought tears into my eyes and my heart hurt so much. This feeling of being abandoned and waiting for someone to show up, not belonging, no one to comfort and nurture you was also very familiar, and being a companion throughout my whole life. It has been a part of me and I do not want to suppress it anymore, I am willing to move through it and transmute it into such a beautiful loving feeling, knowing I am loved and safe and have the courage to move through it all and on the other side I will find a gift just for me to treasure and make me even more loving myself.

Yesterday I talked to a friend of mine, she is very physic and intuitive, and she told me she was without petrol for heating her house and had no money to refill the tank and nobody to help her. She asked me for a healing session so I did.

Now I do a healing for myself. Knowing this feeling was a companion for a long time, it is now time to reframe and rewrite my story so my path becomes clearer towards someone loving would pass and take this little child home, give her some hot coco to drink and warm her up and serving her a piece of cake to comfort her, sitting by the fireplace, listening to lovely music in the background, a dog lying on her feet and a cat on her lap. Having this lovely person sitting in front of her taking the time to listen to her story, comfort her, hugging her, stroking her hair, and promising her that it will be all right and that she is safe and well-taken care of. Seeing her beauty and her potential and encouraging her to listen to her inner voice and follow her intuition knowing she has all the courage to face the fears and she always has helped and she can ask for it at any given moment.

If you ask for help from the Akashic Record Keepers, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, and God/Goddesses it is like you take the lift in the Empire State Building or any high building, and get a view from the top over the city so you can have a big overview on where you are and a map of the surroundings. If you stand on the StreetSide before the building you only see lots of people and cars, hear so many noises and you are so distracted by everything around you that you cannot tap into your own inner knowing.

The feelings are your roadmap and whenever fear arises know you can always ask for help from your guides so they can be this elevator to rise you into a higher frequency and get guidance to take the next step.

Maybe by connecting with others you feel the fear from them and reflect them as your own. Even then doing a healing process and rewriting the story, by putting a more beautiful picture in the space after the clearing, is beneficial for all of us since we have this powerful connection.


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