Creating a whole new world !

Hello Beautiful You,

Yep I am back at a crossroad deciding which step to take in what direction.

Last year I invested a lot in myself, travelling twice to Bali, moving to another house, helping my mom and my son move into an apartment, a lot of new insights, meeting new people, more love, peace, happiness, joy, connection into my heart- body-soul not really sure where it will lead me.

One of the workshops here in France was with an amazing man, who maps your life story connecting certain planets who has an impact on certain important times in your life. I had to reflect on my childhood and adolescence and tell him everything what came into mind during these periods. Then he maps all the reflections on a spiral and connects several happenings with each other. It is like a soul map guided by the planets. At one encounter, he told me my story reminded him at the Fairy tale Rapunzel, especially the part where the evil which casts Rapunzel into the desert to fend herself and her twin.

While on my trip to Bali last year, another beautiful man, introduced me to the story Rama and Sita, the Ramayana, a happy love story of eternal love. Back home I read the story about love and courage and trust and faith and intuition and innocence and again at a certain point in the story Sita got convicted to the desert where she gave birth to a twin.

I just wondered why in the same year I was confronted with a love story and the women being convicted to the desert and gave birth in loneliness? This upset me and so much suppressed anger and frustrating coming up. Releasing the topics showed to me and raising my vibrations asking for an answer.

This morning I had a cup of coffee outside and watched the sun rising and the moon still visible in the sky and suddenly this movie ‘Brother Son and Sister Moon’, a movie from the early 1970’s, came to mind and how much I loved this movie back then. It is about the life story of St. Francis of Assisi and there was my answer:

It takes strength to build a new world and courage to live in it, and in his innocence, he made a world were only truth was sacred and life was Holy. He had the vision to see a higher beauty and to know a greater love. At one point when he was send to the Pope to receive his punishment the Pope replied: in our obsession with original sin we do often forget original innocence.

And my question why the desert: the desert is a place which demands courage and trusting your abilities and having faith in your intuition and guidance from your Spirit Team. There is no distraction from the outside world, just you and the universe and you develop all your senses. During the daytime you have the burning hot sun, the sun who is our life force energy and the alchemist to bring everything back in order and harmony, during the nighttime it is much cooler and you experience the beauty and the expansion of the universe and gives you so much insight. It invites you to get out of old stories and believes since there is no real timeline and you must surrender.

Also the desert can be ‘a desert’ an explosion of sweetness, of nectar from sun-ripened fruit giving you direction to love, abundance, joy, happiness, sweetness for yourself and others.

What if we can reverse our present life into a whole new world of abundance in money, love, happiness, joy, strength, courage, braveness, truth?


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