My experience with free Akashic Record readings !

Most of the questions, during the free readings, were about:

  • How about my financial situation ?
  • How about my love life ? My relationship with my child, husband, mother … ?
  • What to do with my life ? What to do next ?
  • Financial issues in business !

Going into the Akashic Record is not only about healing, clearing and releasing blocks, vows, contracts etc. from the past, it is also going into the future and see what’s ahead of us, seeing new possibilities, new areas to explore and asking how to get there ?

Please accept and work with the offered Prayer to us by the Akashic Record Keepers which helps you to move forward – Prayer to Assist Forward Motion :

Mother, Father, Goddess, God please release the ties that bind me. Help me to expand outside of time and space to clear and release any energy that is trapped in the past, from the beginning of time until this present moment. Please help me to gather my highest energy in this moment that I may have the impetus to move forward on my soul path fulfulling my soul purpose.


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