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Hello Beautiful You,

Last night I had a conversation with someone close to me and during our talk suddenly a window opened and I could see how much hatred was inside. Hatred towards me not meeting his expectations, not being grateful for all the efforts he does to make me happy, not willing to listen to all his stories, not willing to see his victimhood, not willing him to treat him like he wants me to treat him, and before I could tap into this vibration and invite him to move into the loving beautiful being he really is, the window closed again. For now I can only bless him and ask his guides, the moment he is willing to open this window again and allowing himself to move through it, it can change in an instant moment and moves him towards the real love his soul and heart would love him to be.

Allow yourself to start living your dreamlife right now!

It reminded me of a reading I did some years ago. I never met the mother in person we only had a conversation over mail and she had some worries for her daughters. They share the same bedroom and one of them had trouble sleeping at night, she was aware of everything around her and was really scared. During the reading her guides told me to redecorate the bedroom with the picture of the sun and some beautiful items which gives her saftely and trust. The mother took the advice at heart and redecorated the bedroom completely and the little girl was so happy, felt like a princess and slept so much better.

Here are some pictures they send me and gave me the permission to share.


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Wishing you a wonderful, happy day


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