Your greatest asset is Faith, and you must always believe in Miracles !

Yesterday I drove back from Belgium to France with mixed emotions. My youngest son found a job and a place to live in Belgium and I am really happy for him.

He was a very happy kid, always playing outside, exploring nature, climbing trees, playing with animals, picking flowers …. always smiling. His world turned around when he had to go to school and had to play by the rules. Not that he resisted it, he just could not understand what teachers asked him to do and got so confused. The teachers suspected certain labels within the authistic spectrum and he was examined by different specialists which made him even more confused and uncertain. We often got the advise that he never could live by himself alone and we had to take care of him.

Now he proved everybody so wrong. When we moved to France 3 years ago he was backpacking in New Zealand for 10 months and he enjoyed it. It sometimes was not easy to find a job or a place to stay and he did. We connected through skype and if needed I could guide him to his next step. So when he came back home his home has moved to France. This was not a good decision for him and he could not adapt to the life there. He had troubles learning the language and connecting to people and got really depressed so the best thing for him was to return to Belgium.

When the time is right everything falls into place.

Before moving to France he tried to stay in Belgium and lived with his brother. He did everything possible to find a job and knocked on every door to get help and nothing moved. So when his brother decided to come to France and stay with us he had to come too and lost all faith in a better future.

So last year suddenly an opportunity showed up and this time everything shifted in a very short period. He is 23 years young, and he has his own little space which he can afford on his own and looking forward to a bright future and I am so proud of him !


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